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We would like to introduce ourselves to serve the best services in the field of calibration services and sales of all Thermal, Mechanical and Electro-Technical fields.

WORLD ONE INSTRUMENTS has been established as a sales and services of all kind of Thermal,Mechanical and Electro-Technical instruments in Bangalore. And would like to say we served our bestservices in this field. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our business. Our Laboratory is accredited by apex nation certification body. As per NABL Standard ISO/IEC/17025:2005 and is equipped with latest facilities of master instruments/gauges traceable to National Standards calibrated at * E.T.D.C, Bangalore * IDEMI, Mumbai * FCRI, Palakkad * Tempsens, Jaipur

We are Started a business in the year 2012,and we have more then 4000 customers all over India. Realizing the wide range of industries in India, we are interested in expansion & our service to other states of India. A list of Test & Measuring instruments that we offer calibration services is enclosed. We also provide calibration services for your instruments on Annual Contract basis at your site, at Reasonable / Competitive price.

Our Best Services

Electro- Technical

DC Voltage, DC Current, AC Voltage, AC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Power Factor, Temperature Simulation.


Calipers(Analog/Dial/Digital), Bore Gauge, Depth Micrometer, Plain Plug gauge, Plain Ring gauge, Thread Plug gauge, Snap Gauges.


Hygrometers, IR thermometer, Pyrometer, Temperature Indicator, Temperature Scanner, Temperature Chart Recorder, Autoclave.

Pressure & Volume

Volume calibration, Pressure calibration, mass, volume, length, electricity, flow.


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